Cloud Nine Lodestar Mattress

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Weight Guidelines: 90 kg Per Person

Warranty: 13 Years

Guarantee: 2 Years

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The Cloud Nine Lodestar Mattress has a firm comfort feeling, it has optimal spinal and posture support-therefore preventing backaches and joint pains, the mattress ensures a no movement- meaning you wont be disturbed by the movement of your partner during your sleep time.

Main features:

  • Poly-cotton knitted cover
  • High density buoyant Polyurethane foam layers
  • High density reconstituted foam posture support core
  • Zero movement transfer
  • Allergy Free
  • Hygienic & Non-Toxic
  • 20 year service warranty
  • 120k weight per person
  • Posture support

Single, Double, Three Quarter, Queen, King


Cloud Nine

With ultra-modern, fully equipped manufacturing plants, Cloud Nine produces most of our own components: Viscous Elastic (memory) foam, Polyurethane Foam (Strandfoam), Polyester Fibre (Strandfibres), woven Damask and knitted ticking (Lautex) and wooden bases (Strandbox). The Cloud Nine range of products are all multi-layered Viscous Elastic, latex, and Polyurethane foam products. The benefits when investing in a Cloud Nine sleep set include:
  • Great for back sufferers as they ensure a stable spinal support.
  • Cloud Nine mattresses are hygienic and allergy free.
  • There are no moving parts or rigid components in the mattresses which as a result may cause pressure points
  • There is zero motion transfer between the sleeping partners.


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