Rest Assured Matrix Geo II Three Quarter Base Set

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Our Rest Assured Geo II Bed is designed for real rest and luxury lounging. We realize how hard you work each day and provide a mattress that ensures you stop and savor at the end of your long day. With the Geo II, it’s all about you with a focus on your support, your comfort, and your experience.

Increased pressure distribution makes for more absorption, more spread of your weight, and more support. Just the right ingredients for a top chart recipe for rejuvenating rest. Our interlocking, dual-directional response coils make for regular sleeping hours and a firm base for your body. Along with the continuous coil design, and tempered sleep support system you will have everything you need and could want in a firm, supportive mattress.

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Fresh from our Matrix Range: The Rest Assured Geo II Bed

Every edge is reinforced with our unique edge support making for the maximum use of your mattress. This means more space for you to enjoy. Not just that, our perfect sleeping support will leave your body happier and healthier without the common unseen strain and with a brighter future now that your posture is put right again.

Our no-turn feature makes for less effort and more energy. How so? Put plainly; there’s no need for you to do the heavy-lifting of switching the mattress over to the other side. Ever. You leave it how you get it, and that means one less thing to add to your hectic schedule and one more bonus to the Geo II. The weight allowance for each partner is 95kg on each side. The Geo II also boasts a two-year guarantee with a twelve-year service warranty. This means no more worrying because you know we’re covering. We’ve got your back.

Finally, our luxurious surface will make you forget about your troubles while drifting off on this plush cloud. All these quality quirks make for a mattress that you can trust. The Geo II is here to assist you.



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Rest Assured

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