Refunds / Warranty and Guarantee 


Unused product will only be considered subject to the following: 

  1. The product must be unused 
  2. The product needs to be in its original packaging 
  3. The product must be in their original condition 
  4. If Bed Buys is required to collect the product the cost will be covered by the client which  forms part of the refund 


These differ from the various suppliers and can range from 0 – 30 years depending on the product  and manufacture. Each supplier has their own warranty conditions which can be shared upon  request. 


Each manufacture has their own guarantee period and conditions and these can vary from 0 – 3 years. To ensure a guarantee is not lost please ensure the following is practiced upon receiving  your mattress. 

  • Ensure a waterproof mattress protector is fitted 
  • Ensure your bed base is fit for its purpose (solid no missing slats or sags) Ensure all the manufactures tags / information labels are not removed from the mattress Ensure the mattress is turned (turn mattress) as well as rotated as per each manufacturer’s  recommendations. 
  • Ensure that no stains or damaged is caused to the mattress if cleaned with any soap /  chemicals.  

If the above points are not followed this may lead to a void guarantee.